Monks Bouffe is an amalgamation of a deep love for food and a simple way of living - organic, healthful and natural. It’s about relating with the food you eat.

To facilitate this, and spread the light and love, we have magicians called home chefs that provide you the bounty that is fresh, local and hand-crafted.

Good food goes beyond recipes or ingredients – Our Platter!

Passionately crafted home food loaded with a whole lot of freshness and creativity. Infused with everything spectacular, we assure you that every jar you select is an ode to the pure love of food.

If you believe in something, spread it all around – A Magical Revelation!

Our fabulous home chefs know how to hit that sweet spot with their magic, realigning your sense of taste.

Come try some and allow the food to leave a lasting impression on your hearts.
If you keep looking for something with all your heart & keep thinking about it, it will surely come into existence.

Such is the story of these two age old school friends who kept discussing about every passion they shared & every idea that came to their mind. After sidelining scores of ideas, their intense love for food & the thought of serving it fresh, with a premium feel good factor took over planting the seed for Monks Bouffe.

Gaurang (Co-founder & CEO) & Akil (Co-founder & CSO) seeded the idea, but a seed needs a lot of nurturing to bear fruit. That extra support & flair was brought forward by Sunny (A decade old friend sharing the craziness that entrepreneurship requires) who completes this food mad holy trinity.

How did Sunny (Co-founder & COO) come into picture? One intense night of party when drinks started to flow & so did the conversations…..

Coming together from varied educational & professional backgrounds, this team of a finance guy, a marketing expert & an IT professional with experience in the social sector have a vision to get food lovers closer to hidden recipes from home chefs (we call magicians), while providing an opportunity for talented home chefs across the city of Mumbai.

Gaurang H. Motta
Co-founder & CEO

Our Address

  •  2/6, Kulsumbai building, 1st floor, I.C Road,

            Pydhonie, Mumbai – 400003.
  •   097698 45032

The Monks would be happy to hear from you.